• Get paid from 0.5% total loan amount
  • Quick online study & Team support
  • Funding all over 38 states of the US
  • 15 days or 35 days to close
  • No tax-returns needed


Who can provide no-income-check residential investment home loans, 5-30 years, nationwide. This loan is for who wants to purchase a rental house or refinance a current rental house that they have. This program, we don’t need to verify their income, no tax returns check.

Q & A

Q1: Should I join this class?

In order to become successful with this RESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR career, you will need to have a lot of Residential Real Estate Investors in US or you have to have a big strategy how to reach out and marketing to this type of clients. They have to own their primary currently or they have to buy in different state totally far away from where they rent a place to live in right now. We don’t need to check their TAX RETURNS or verify their JOB or any INCOMES from the clients.

Q2: How much do I get paid when my client get funded?

For beginner agent, we pay 0.5% of total funded amount. If your client get funded for $200,000, you get $1,000. If they get $500,000, you get $2,500. If they get $3,000,000, you get $15,000. Our pay and other higher-pay promotions will be disclosed in our agreement.

Q3: I can work as a part-time job, correct?

It can be your part-time or full-time job as long as you have clients and submit their application to our company.

Q4: Who will need this financing program?

Depends on what program, they need to have 650, 660, 680, 700 credit up with at least 1-3 current debt that has been active for at least 12,24 months old now such as a primary home mortgage for 3 years, a car loan for 2 years

Q5: How quick a client can get funded with this program?

After we receive an application and bank statement of last 2 months showing at least 25% down. We will check their credit and if everything looks great, we should be able to send out a Pre-approval Letter. They can use this letter to make an offer to any houses they like.

Q6: Can you fund all states in US?

We can fund in most of States in the US except NV, SD, OR, ID, UT, NE, ND, MN, VT, DE. If you have any clients in these states, we will take a look, case by case, rates and fees could be more expensive than other states that we do.

Q7: What would I exactly do after taking this class?

You will “sell” this financing product by marketing it, qualifying the clients, submit their application and documents to us and get paid if they get funded.

Q8: How would I file my income tax with this income?

This is a W-9 income and if you live in the US, we will send you your income record by Jan of each year. You will need to work with your CPA in this matter. If you are a foreigner who is not living in US and makes money from US-based clients, please read IRS condition in our INTERNATIONAL SALES CONTRACTOR section.

Q9: Why I have to pay this sign-up fee

This fee is for the financing product training, our sales training, our support to you and your clients for you to get paid. This is an one-time and only fee for the rest of the time you work with our company.

Q10: After signing up, would I be working for Khang Lending?

No, you’re not. You’re working for yourself. You are not a W-2 income, you’re 1099, an independent sales contractor.

Q11: Do I have to set up a company first and sign up under my company name? (LLC, Corporation…)

Yes, you do. Our company only works with business entities, not individuals.