What is Financing?

Financing is the process of providing funds for business activities, making purchases, or investing. Financial institutions, such as banks, are in the business of providing capital to businesses, consumers, and investors to help them achieve their goals.

What does Khang Lending provide?

Khang Lending provides Financing Solutions to Business Owners and Real Estate Investors, get them the funds that they need to grow, expand
their businesses and also to purchase and refinance their investment properties nationwide. You can also visit here to check out all Khang
Lending’s financing programs with details:

Joining Khang Lending makes me become a Loan Officer?

No, you’re not. If you want to become a Loan Officer who handles Primary Home Loans (Consumer-use and related to Federal guidelines), please get a license in your state.

With Khang Lending, you become a Financing Director (Independent Sales Contractor/1099) who is trained and certified by Khang Lending to find leads, consult clients and give them financing options on Business Loans with Banks or Private Funders, Residential Rental Home Loans with Tax Returns, Commercial Bank Loans, Construction Loans, Private Lenders and Hard Money… (Khang Lending doesn’t provide any consumer-use loans, no primary home loans).

Am I required to be licensed to join Khang Lending?

No, you’re not required to be licensed to join. There are no licenses provided for Business and Commercial purposes loans in the US. Also, because you are in sales/referral position and you don’t process/underwrite any loans.

Am I required to have a business entity (LLC, Corporation…) to register to join Khang Lending?

Yes, you’re. Khang Lending doesn’t work with individuals for Business and Commercial purpose loans.

Who is Khang lending?


Why should I consider to join Khang Lending?
  • You can make money nationwide and worldwide, not only local
  • You can make money from your home, from your country and from your vacations, through emails, phone calls and Excel
  • If we can’t fund, no one could or we can beat any offers on the table for loans from $1,000,000 up
  • Khang Lending Team are fast, knowledgeable and experienced in all Business Bank Loans, Real Estate Investment, Commercial and Construction projects.
Why borrowers should go to Khang Lending, not banks?
  • If they want banks, we have bank options but the not really good news is 95% people go to banks get denied due to bank requirements.
  • We may give you an answer or point out your issues in the very first call or in 24-48 hours depends on how big loan amount is
  • We take care of our clients and we are there for them until they get funded
  • Khang Lending Team is a fast responder, professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the industry and for all types of financing products
  • Khang Lending Team will help clients to be prepared for a loan package while no one from banks will take their time to explain step by step
  • Banks have bank loans, they don’t have other options for you to back up in case you need help or in urgent situations
What banks does Khang Lending broker with?

We have Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank… in our lending network.

Is borrowing money from Khang Lending’s easy?

Not at all. Borrowing people’s money is never easy. Not only Khang Lending’s but also for any banks, lenders and funders in the market. Either borrowers have to prove their income and DTI (Debt to Income ratio) to see if they can afford to pay back or they have to provide some type of collaterals to secure the money they borrow. The purpose of using the money is also important and it helps to determine what type of loan to fit the borrower’s need.

How Khang Lending handles a loan request?

It depends on what type of loans.

If business loans, after receiving all documents required, our team will review and prepare a full package and submit to our underwriter. If it is a bank loan and it is a potential client, we will be able to schedule a bank interview call in 2-5 days depends how many files our team processes at that day. If Khang Lending invests, we may have an answer in the same day. If everything looks great, we will send out a Discussion Letter, have borrowers sign and we move forward to process, closing then funding.

If it is a Real Estate loan, we can have an answer in 24 hours for most cases. If loans from $2M – $100M up, it may take us 2-4 business days to have a term sheet or a Letter of Interest. We will order the 3rd party appraisal company, as soon as we have the appraisal report back, we move the file to processing department, Quality Control and Underwriting Department then Closing/Settlement.

What makes a lender deny a loan?

There are 4 “C” that most banks/lenders will use as their processing guidelines: Credit, Capability, Collateral and Common Sense. Who doesn’t meet these guidelines, may be denied or have to go with private lender or hard money option that less or little docs requirements but higher rates, higher fees and shorter terms.

When I join, I know I would be very new here. What are the products that easier for me to sell?

You can focus on two programs to sell for now:

  • Business Fast Cash (you earn 2%): We provide money to nails salon owners, restaurant owners, gas station owners, hotel owners, car body shop owners, supermarket owners… who need money to remodel their stores, working capital, pay contractors, build 2nd shop, buy out partner… while their banks deny their loan due to their tax returns, low income, high debt, low credit, no collateral… To this program, we are ok for credit 550 and credit card sales from $15K up monthly with at least 6 months of operating time. Simple process, no tax returns, no collateral needed. Rates and terms are similar to Credit Card products from Chase, Wells Fargo and other banks are offering.
  • No-Income-Check Rental Home Loans (you earn 0.5%): We provide up to 80% LTV of an investment residential properties for a borrower who needs the loan to purchase a rental home (or refinance). Rates from 3.85% – 5.75% up (current market updated on 1/27/2022) fixed in 5-30 year term loan. The program works as a normal mortgage loan but the differences are we don’t check tax returns, no DTI, no down payment verification. The qualifications are credit 680 with qualified trade lines and market rent has to be able to afford the 80% LTV with DSCR 1.05 min up. We will go into details in our training materials.
Can I open my own office or have this service in my existing office?

Yes, you can. We have CPAs, Realtors, Attorneys do the same. Provide extra services to earn more.

I live in California, can I join?

Yes, you can. You can be any where in the US, or overseas or from your vacations. As long as you have access to your phone, emails and do marketing to bring in clients, you are good to go.

I’m a life insurance agent. Should I join?

Yes, you should consider this opportunity. This financing industry give you more chances to handle business and investor people who may be interested in what you are providing also. Use both to leverage your sales and invest back in business and real estate is a great way to build wealth.

I am a teller at a national bank. Is that ok if I join?

Yes, you can as long as you are not a loan officer or a processor or an underwriter at your bank.

I am a Loan Officer at a mortgage company. Can I join?

Depends. If you are a full-time LO, receive W-2 and process your company’s loans, you can’t. But if you are a LO, partner with more than one lender and receive 1099 commission base, yes, you can join us.

I am a realtor. Should I join or just send referral to you?

You should consider this. Realtors only can make money locally and highly competitive with at least 20,000 other agents in your area depends on what city, state you live in. But with us, you can make money nationwide. Create another income streams is a must-have. Think about this, if you keep doing what you’re doing, how long you will get where you want to be. Use some leverages!

I am too new to this. Should I join?

We believe with our support and if you’re willing to learn and work hard, you can be successful. You should have a serious talk to yourself that if you want to give yourself a chance to work hard and build wealth through business and real estate.

I have a full-time job, can I do this as a part-time one?

Yes, you can! You get paid whenever we close your deals. Also, when you’re at work and busy, just send us your clients’ information, our team will reach out to the clients in about 5 minutes. We’re here to support you. Also note that when we assign another agent to take care of your clients, your fee may be considered to get split with the shared agent depends on how much work the agent performs on the transaction.

Is this easy to make money after I join?

As other careers like a realtor, a loan officer, a financial advisor… In order to be successful and make good money, we believe in hard work, knowledge, experience and strategies to make it work. This industry is about Banks, Real Estate Investments, Investors, Business people and big construction projects. This requires knowledge and take time to study well and find qualified clients based on our guidelines.

What should I expect when I register to join?
  1. Make a payment and upload all document requirements
  2. In 24 business hours, our Team Builder will give you a welcome call
  3. You will be given a passcode to our TEAM TRAINING CENTER
  4. You study and take a quality test with 110 questions and score at least 70% to pass
  5. Now, we are ready to work on your submissions and get you paid ASAP
How do I get paid?

Khang Lending pays out twice a month, in the 15th and the 31th, through direct pay.

Is my “commission” fixed % as agreed and can’t be raised?

Yes, it is fixed for now during your study, training and practice. If you can close at least 10 deals a month and straight in 3 months, we may discuss to raise up your %.

Will I be required to file my income tax?

Yes, you will. We require W9 form to be signed by you when you sign up and before end of year, we will mail or email you a total earned confirmation for your record.